Thursday, October 2, 2008

The way you'd walk.

This is the epitome of exactly what I love. Nothing appears premeditated.  The easy attitude, comfort & confidence expressed in this outfit and her demeanor equate unstructured elegance. There is a mysterious element going on here, for example, look at those boots! The proportions, the layers, the lazy day strings hanging every which way. A long green filmy cardigan? With a short faded black jacket and desert nomad warrior boots? In my perspective you could wear this anywhere and feel amazing, but to pull it off requires serenity & grace. 

I am a dedicated fan of The Sartorialist blog, created by Scott Shuman. This is yet another of his inspiring images taken for where I first learned about his work. I wish I could have a conversation with him about what he saw when he spotted her on the street. An entire circus could be aflame in the background but two facts remain: I'd still be staring at her & I'd still be wishing that the combination was my idea.