Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Long hair

Photos by Garance Dore. Love her.

The top photo reminds me of almost every summer I spent as a teenager. There was a group of us girls, all about the same age. I think that you had to be there to see it all play out. Dressing up in 30's party dresses and driving around the street really fast in a golf cart. The lake. Knockin' on heaven's door. Seneca road. Boyfriend's prison diary. Boyfriend's band. Long car rides. Long Hair.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Moroccan Wedding Blankets

I see that artistically I've stayed close to my Arab roots. Says the La viva home website where these Moroccan wedding blankets are sold, "prospective brides and their relatives patiently sewed each sequin by hand. It is believed that the blankets have talismanic power and protect the user from the evil eye." Talismanic powers. Love this phrase. I wonder if Agnes Martin knew these blankets existed?

In review

This is my tattered & thousand times read
Isabel Marant article from W magazine. Back
before the secret broke. Before her store
opens in NYC later this year. I sincerely hope
the specialness, the beauty & enigmatic
quality of her clothes remains as the secret
turns wildfire.