Tuesday, August 25, 2009

graceful fumbling.

Some of my favorite mornings are those where I wake up earlier than expected, for no particular reason, and throw together an outfit that ends up being perfect, an outfit I'd never pick out with more time or more important places to go. This typically happens on a day off, usually during the odd weekday off, no shower, maybe some eyeliner and I'm out the door.

I tend to spend days like this running errands. Fun errands. Could be a trip to the post office, could be a stop for a coffee or tea. A random purchase (Stationary? A gift for a friend's baby)? The idea is to be blissfully, if subconsciously, disheveled. An armful of packages and last minute letter decorating supplies, like tape, worn as a bracelet. Two different bags for different reasons. One pen here, one magazine there, messy hair, and who gives a rat's ass?

When I am on the go with nowhere to be, I am always at my best. I may be holding up the line a little, I may be carrying too many things at once (something I am oddly drawn to do), but I can guarantee that I am happy.

P.s. Jane Birkin is that girl

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