Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Erica Tanov Fall 2011

When it comes to shopping, I would much rather buy one lovely amazing item I adore a few times per year, than to buy a number of (perhaps cheaper) things that I won't want to wear five years on. I call it investment shopping. When I was younger and lived in the bay area, I made a point of repeatedly visiting Erica Tanov's store on Fourth street to finely gauge what precious garment I would invest in. Those pieces, ten years later, I still wear, I still love. I was just as much in love with her then as I am now, and this video might help you understand why.

p.s. THIS!

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rachel red lips said...

i love her! you are definitely an erica tanov kind of woman. we carry some of her pieces at Lille and after watching this video i love her 10x more!