Monday, August 19, 2013

West Side

I have loved Venice Beach and its surrounding neighborhoods for a long time. I went in my late teens to visit somebody, and ended up buying the best pair of jeans that I sadly regret giving away. I love the architecture of the houses there, the bungalows, the flora, that walking around you can pick fruit off people's trees and eat it... Everything about it inspires me. My love has less to do with the beachfront Venice that many associate with that geography, and much more to do with the overall neighborhood, the mood of it, and of course that I can get vegan hot and sour soup at Mao's, trust me, a rarity. I'm super happy to be headed in that direction for my birthday this year. What better gift to give myself than the gift of inspiration?

p.s. This is a photo from Mao's, featuring my friend Brigid's sunglasses.

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