Thursday, November 21, 2013

like Venice, CA, or Barcelona, or, for some reason, the American south

Once in college while I was driving, for whatever reason, the light, the weather, whatever I'd done that day, whatever I was going to do that night, something made me feel a sharp and remarkable, overwhelming sense of gratitude to be alive. Maybe it's because I was going through a Thoreau phase? I felt joyful and happy and light. Right after the feeling struck I looked up and there was a heart-shaped cloud in the sky. The outline of a heart. Unbelievable. And, I was either listening to All Is Full of Love by Bjork or it came on at just that moment- my memory is foggy on this detail (Bjork's birthday is today, November 21st, I found out on Radio 1190 this morning). That feeling of pronounced gratitude I felt back then, I've experienced it multiple times since. It happens a lot when I travel. Really free and inspired and in harmony with the environment. When I am in a place I just love love.

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