Friday, May 22, 2009

wide-ranging curiosity.

The other day I was out to dinner with my husband when I realized that it was May 20th, and therefore a new VOGUE would be available for purchase. I have never wanted a subscription in fear of taking away the ecstatic moment of discovering a new edition. So, it is with this appreciative sentiment that I post these pictures of Sally Singer at her apartment in the Chelsea Hotel, taken by Todd Selby.

Over the years, I have noticed Singer's name in VOGUE, but I never took a serious interest in her contributions or her life story. These photos of her home make me curious. I need to know about this woman, what she's all about, who she really is. I did a little research on her life, read a few interviews. I am devoted to learning her style as an author and editor for my favorite magazine of all time.

What I learned is that Singer left high school early to attend beauty school in San Francisco. She knew how to make a few different hairstyles, but once she realized she was no good at waxing etc., she left to go to UC Berkeley, then Yale, followed by time spent as a book editor and writer, as a culture editor at British VOGUE, all before her position as a Fashion News/Features editor at American VOGUE. She grew up in Oakland, is surprised by her own career, and believes that fashion implies a lot more than clothes. There is something casual, natural, and elegant about Singer's persona. Subtle and alluring beauty, an undeniable intellect.

Not too long ago, my mother and I had a conversation about how a well-rounded education offers a diverse outlook on fashion. I have always felt that to be true. My mind races in countless directions, often from a passing glance at a garment of clothing, forming scenarios built around a specific setting, character, season, music. This imagery comes from reading, traveling,  my youth, the places I have lived...  According to Singer, "I always think people need to have a vision of fashion outside of themselves, and that should include a couple other things, too. It could be music culture. It could be anything, but it's good to bring a few things to the table before you get into the narrow world of fashion... Magazines reward wide-ranging curiosity and intelligence."


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