Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday & Easy to please

I love Sundays. I always manage to do a million things & the day goes so easy. Today I found the ELLE UK article on Garance Dore, who just so happened to be in my dream last night. Again. She pops up quite often... It was another fashion design dream where I found myself sorting through piles of vintage clothes, which are really products of my imagination and versions of ideals. Garance was on her way to a party held in her honor. She was wearing a trench coat over a dress with knee high socks and converse sneakers. I have never seen her in converse in any photograph online, so that was quite the fun quirk. Then today, I opened the magazine and on one of the pages there is a photo of a pair of her converse! With a love sticker on the toe. I adore her.

The other day I found this birthday card given to me by my husband. It must have been the year he gave me an ipod. It is such a sweet card and a very spot on rendering of our little clan.

Nosdam toasts. When we lived in Spain, our friend Dave came to visit us and to visit his grandmother (who lived in one of my favorite neighborhoods in Barcelona). He taught us how to make one of his grandmother's recipes. The recipe calls for a baguette, tomatoes, avocado, olive oil, salt & pepper. You smash the tomato into the bread, douse it in olive oil, add avocado, salt and pepper and bake for as long as you like. It is delicious. We call this snack Nosdam toasts in honor of our friend. Making them reminds me of Dave and reminds me of Spain.

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